Visiting Composer

Visiting Speaker/Composer

Beginning with, but not limited to, a radius of up to a few hours from my home in Western Massachusetts, I am available to come work with students of all ages.

Examples, past and present

  • Working with gifted high school students on composition and arranging
  • Presenting lectures in Japan on modes and the overtone series
  • Working with adult pianists, both in groups and one on one at the Sonatas in Vermont
  • Various presentations including compositional analysis, as well as educational and entertaining presentations such as one linking Stravinsky’s “Soldier’s Tale” to the old Cracker Jack jingle, the overtone series, and my “Nyaah Nyaah Digressions.”
  • Working with ensembles on my compositions

Please get in touch if any of this is of interest, and we can work out the details.